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I have a corny confession to make. I get motivated by silly little slogans. Every year I have a different slogan for my year. These slogans motivate me to eat right, exercise, spend time in the Word, and accomplish the goals I have set out for myself. This year’s slogan is “What’s Important Now.” I […]

New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, or Plans?

Hey Friends, 2019 is right around the corner.  In fact it is less than twelve hours away!  Many people make New Year’s Resolutions and others despise making resolutions.  The problem with resolutions is that our “resolve” tends to run out early in the New Year.   Some people choose to make goals instead of resolutions.  […]

Risen Indeed

Risen Indeed! Dear Friends, Easter is coming on April Fools Day and that is no joke! A well-known Easter tradition in churches worldwide is for someone to say, “the Lord is risen,” followed by the reply “He is risen indeed!” No one knows exactly when or where that tradition started. When Jesus spoke to two […]

CrossPointe West

Our new church plant, CrossPointe West is ready to launch. This has been part of our vision from day one and although it has taken a long time to accomplish we are ready to go. Church planting is so critical to the advancement of the gospel. I have been a church planter, led churches to […]

Day Camp Fun

Hey Friends – Our summer Day Camp (Vacation Bible School) is right around the corner. We have the pre-event party schedule for Saturday July 8th fro 10 am – noon at the church.  We will have lots of fun activities for kids and parents on that day.  VBS begins on Monday July 10 and goes […]

New Series “Relentless” begins on Sunday

Dear Friends, I invite you to join us this Sunday as we begin a new series called “Relentless.”  This is a verse by verse study of the last Old Testament book – The Book of Malachi.  We will learn that this minor prophet has a major message for contemporary Christians.  God’s love and faithfulness are […]

Verse by Verse

We recently finished our verse by verse study of the Book of Ephesians.  In two weeks we will begin another verse by verse series in Malachi.  I recently had an opportunity to teach some “future preachers” about preaching and several wondered why I take that approach as opposed to topical preaching.  Here are some benefits […]

Easter: The Super Bowl for the Church!

The New England Patriots are one of my favorite NFL teams (after Cleveland and Seattle).  Super Bowl 51 was one of the greatest games ever played and certainly the greatest comeback in any Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is a huge day every year for the NFL, advertisers, and sport’s fans in general.  It is […]

Get a Life (group)!

Hey friends, This Sunday we are going to recognize all of our Adult Life Group leaders and give them $100 each to help them do an outreach or service event.  We want CrossPointe to be a church OF small groups and not just a church WITH small groups.  Life Groups are vital to your spiritual growth […]