Easter: The Super Bowl for the Church!

The New England Patriots are one of my favorite NFL teams (after Cleveland and Seattle).  Super Bowl 51 was one of the greatest games ever played and certainly the greatest comeback in any Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is a huge day every year for the NFL, advertisers, and sport’s fans in general.  It is a great opportunity for everyone involved.

Easter is like that for churches.  Although we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every Sunday, this is our biggest day of the year and our greatest opportunity. At CrossPointe we are having a Good Friday Service on April 14 at 7 pm, a Community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday the 15th at 10 a.m. and two services on Easter Sunday at 9:15 and 10:50 am.

I hope you will come to any or all of these events.  Invite your family, friends, and friends of your family!  It will be a great celebration of our resurrected Savior!

He is Risen!

Pastor Jim