KidsPointe Worship 9:15 AM: On Sunday mornings, during the 9:15 AM hour, we have a KidsPointe Worship class for children grades Kindergarten – 5th grades. During this time, children are engaged in singing songs, reading and studying scripture, praying, and making crafts related to the day’s lesson.

 We offer classes for elementary age children ages Kindergarten through 5th grades. Classes are divided by grades with K-1, 2nd & 3rd, and 4th & 5th each meeting in their own classroom during the 10:50 hour.

It is the goal of the Children’s Ministry Team to partner with parents in growing our kids into faithful followers of Christ. Each class offers age appropriate Bible study and has fun activities and teachers who enjoy being around children. Each of our teachers are required to have a background check prior to volunteering to teach, as well as we have a secure check in system for your children.

KIDSPOINTE 252 – Wednesday nights at 7:00 Pm: Kids ages Kindergarten – 5th grades are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings while we learn about God in hands-on, helpful, and fun ways. 

Annual Events include a Fall Festival on Halloween, a children’s program during the Christmas season, an Easter Egg Hunt before Easter Sunday, and either a children’s or family cam during the summer time.