We believe that raising faithful followers of Christ starts at birth, and so we partner with parents beginning at the birth of their children to provide a safe, fun, loving environment where their children can grow in their understanding of the importance of having a relationship with God in their life from the earliest of ages.  Each of our teachers are required to have a background check prior to volunteering to teach, as well as we have a secure check in system for your children.

PreschoolPointe 9:15 AM:
During this time, Sunday School teachers guide the preschoolers into Bible learning at their level, through reading of the Word, participating in Bible games and activities, singing songs, making crafts, and praying. We also allow them free time where they can choose to play in the different areas of the classroom that interest them. In the block area, kids learn to share and help each other as they build. In art and puzzles kids develop physical dexterity and feeling of satisfaction about their work. In the family life area, kids learn about kindness and getting along with each other in family life.

PreschoolPointe 10:50 AM: During this hour children are divided by ages 0-18 month, 18-36 months (2 years) and 3-4 year olds (Pre-K). The Sunday School teachers, who are the same every week, give the kids a secure feeling as they see the same faces each time they come to their room. During this hour, the teachers will continue the learning experiences in extended session with all the kids about the day’s Bible teaching.

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS 7:00 PM: We strive to make every experience at church a happy one for our preschoolers. On Wednesday evenings, preschoolers learn about missionaries serving in different countries, listen to Bible stories, do crafts, sing songs, play games, and make friends. We would like you to come and join us on Wednesday night!