Into Our City

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbors as ourselves. Who is our neighbor? That question was asked of Jesus and he answered in a parable. In his story, the neighbor was the one who extended help to the man beaten by robbers and left for dead (Luke 10). We are still asking the same question today. Who is our neighbor?

At Crosspointe we believe that any one who has a need that we can meet is our neighbor. To live out the second part of the Great Commandment in practical ways, some of our church community are involved in “English as a Second Language” programs as they recognize their neighbor to be immigrants who have come to this great country and are needing to learn the English language. Others determined that their neighbors are the children in our neighborhood schools and they have committed to tutor or be a lunch buddy, or help children improve their reading skills. Others have chosen to become involved with an organization that provides hot meals to the elderly and shut-ins. The elderly are their neighbors. Certain ones are involved in distributing food to the needy who have become their neighbors.

Our church has adopted Silver Star Elementary School as a place we can serve. Each year we do a school supply drive before the year begins and we volunteer to help out in various ways throughout the year.

We all have neighbors and we encourage every one to intentionally reach out and become involved. If you have an hour to give, we can plug you into a rewarding volunteer ministry. Please contact the church for more information.

We have been given much, this is our way to give back to the Lord.

Around the World

One of the emphases in CrossPointe’s mission statement is that we exist to fulfill the Great Commission (Go and make disciples of all nations). The full text is in Matthew 28:19-20. It was one of the last instructions Christ gave before His death and is primary to us at Crosspointe.

Our strategy to accomplish that goal has three focuses.

We promote missions education in all age group organizations, in worship services with videos and bulletin inserts and during several special presentations during each year.

We support missions by giving a percentage of our regular offerings and all of the gifts to the four special offerings during the year to mission causes.

We do missions by sending teams on mission trips at least once each year. In addition to an annual church sponsored mission trip, we encourage individuals to go on short term mission trips. We have had people from CrossPointe go to Israel, Central Asia, Romania, Tanzania, Thailand, Kenya, Peru, Germany, Hong Kong, and England.

CrossPointe is a mission-minded church!