Adults: 9:15 AM, Weekly, Room 305 at the church
Leader: Robert Story (
Adults: 10:50 AM, Weekly, Room 305 at the church
Leader: James Smith (
Adults: 6:00 PM, Weekly at the Lacks’ home
Leader: Doug Lack (
Adults: 7:00 PM, Bi-Weekly, at the Wimmers’ home, “Sermon Notes Study”
Leader: Ernie Kaps ( – 1st time attenders please call first – 360-356-2995

Ladies: 9:30 AM, Weekly, at the Hensleys’ home, “The Daniel Prayer”
Leader: Debbie Hensley (
Senior Adults: 10:30 AM, Weekly at the church
Leader: Donna Spencer (
Adults: 6:00 PM, 1st and 3rd Weeks, at the Kuykendalls’ home
Leader’s: Danny and Laurie Kuydendall (
Adults: 6:30 PM, Bi-Weekly, at the Bradleys’ home
Leader: Mark Bradley ( – call to confirm dates – 360-936-3757

“The Others”: 7:00 PM, 1st & 3rd Weeks, at the Fretz’ home
Leader: Grant Welch (
Men: 7:00 PM, Weekly, Room 301 at the church
Leader: Paul Flint (
Ladies: 7:00 PM, Weekly, Room 305 at the church
Leader: Sonya Fitzpatrick (
Adults: 7:00 PM, Weekly, Music Room at the church
Leader: Doug Metcalfe-White (

Mom’s Group: 1:30 PM, Weekly, at the Tabors’ home
Leader: Kim Tabor ( Children are welcome
Young Adults & College: 7:00 PM, 1st and 3rd weeks, at the Merrimans’ home
Leader’s: Michael Merriman and Kelsey Merriman (jmmerriman56@gmail.c0m)

Families with Kids/Ridgefield: 6:00 PM, Weekly, at the Berglins’ home
Leader: Matt Kauffman (