What to Expect

When you visit our church, expect to meet friendly and helpful people with smiles on their faces. We have greeters in our parking lot who will welcome you and even bring an umbrella to you if it is raining.  We have a carport area that is great for dropping your family off.  Our greeters are even willing to park your car for you if you would like them to

What do people wear?

At CrossPointe most people dress casually, however, we want you to dress comfortably. Clothes are not the issue, we prefer to focus on the heart.

How long is the service?

Our Sunday worship services usually last about an hour and ten minutes. Click here for service times.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Enter through the main doors at the carport area.  The worship center is straight ahead inside the front doors.  Make sure to stop and get a cup of coffee and browse the information tables in the foyer.  Someone will give you a worship folder and share a smile and a handshake with you.  If you want to, take a moment to fill out a Connection Card so we can get to know you a little better.  Info cards are in the lobby and in the chair pockets in the Worship Center.

Where do I take my preschoolers/children?

Our preschool is located right down the hall from our worship center.  We have a very safe and secure preschool department.  All parents will sign their children in and be given a security card to bring back and pick up their children after the service. Children grades K-5 are welcome to stay in the worship service the whole time or go out for Children's Church.  Our KidsPointe area is down the hall near the preschool and you can pick them up at the end of the service.

What is the service like?

Our worship time consists of a combination of modern worship songs and classic old hymns.  We have a worship team with several instruments and singers.  The pastor's messages are all Bible-based and applicable to your daily life.  We have an offering for our members and regular attenders.