Verse by Verse

We recently finished our verse by verse study of the Book of Ephesians.  In two weeks we will begin another verse by verse series in Malachi.  I recently had an opportunity to teach some “future preachers” about preaching and several wondered why I take that approach as opposed to topical preaching.  Here are some benefits of expository preaching:

  • It keeps the preacher from always speaking on his “hobby horse” subjects.
  • The Bible commands us to teach “the whole counsel” of scripture.
  • It is very easy to take scripture out of context in topical preaching.
  • It limits anxiety – I always know what I am preaching on the next week.
  • It teaches people to do their own Bible study. You don’t have to be a pastor or a preacher to see what the Bible says, understand what it means, and figure out how it applies to your life.
  • It allows the church to focus on one emphasis for an extended period of time.  Ephesians was all about understanding and applying the riches we have in Christ.  Malachi will challenge us to live godly in a godless world.
  • It aids the worship leader in long range planning.

There are other reasons but you get the point.  I hope you will come each week and enjoy getting into the Book of Malachi with us this summer!

Pastor Jim